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Xanax, a powerful and prescription-only drug used to treat anxiety since 1981. It is recommended by physicians for people who suffer from panic attacks, Insomnia, and anxiety disorder.

How safe is Xanax?


Xanax 2mg is the safest medicine when taken under a doctor’s guidance. As this medication is effective in treating people, there are possibilities in getting addicted to it when used for a longer period. The physician increases the dosage based on monitoring how Xanax works. No doctors recommend long-time usage of Xanax. The more you take, the more you become dependent. Your doctors will guide you on this medication by monitoring your health and prescribing you the dosage for a necessary period in order to protect you from being addicted. Visit the doctor if you are addicted to the drug, so he will lower the dosage constantly to improve you.

Is Xanax safe for pregnant women?

It is a big NO, taking Xanax if you are pregnant. This will affect your unborn baby like birth defects. The effect of this medicine will pass through your breastmilk. So do not breastfeed your baby if you are taking Xanax or even under withdrawal treatment. Because, during withdrawal sessions, it may take days or even months. So considering all these issues, it is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Is it ok to drink alcohol when taking Xanax?

It is not ok to drink while taking Xanax. It will reverse the effect of the medicine if combined both. Some of the side effects are difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness, and even death.

How should Xanax be consumed?

It is recommended to take Xanax 0.25mg as prescribed by the doctor to avoid serious side effects. You should not skip your schedule or overdose. Always take the dosage as directed by your physician and not crush or chew this medicine. Do not extend the consumption of Xanax at your own risk. It is important to take the number of pills as directed by the doctor. It will prevent you from addiction and protect you from experiencing any side effects. Even if you are decided to stop taking this medicine, do not stop without discussing it with the doctor. Sometimes you may experience some side effects like vision problems, lack of concentration, seizure, and insomnia. Your physician will recommend you to stop using Xanax 1mg constantly by lowering its dosage until you completely withdraw from the pill.

Side effects of Xanax

It is one of the safest medicine to treat anxiety. Using Xanax 0.5mg with a doctor’s guidance will help you to get rid of panic attacks and anxiety disorders. Taking the medicine often or stop using it all of a sudden might get you into some serious problems such as:

If you experience any of these health issues, consult your doctor immediately. As Xanax may affect your daily routine, you should avoid weight lifting, driving a car or bike, and stay away from actions that may cause harm to you as well as others.

What if I miss a dose?

You should not miss any dose doctor prescribed. If you miss the scheduled dose, take it as soon as possible. But if it is already time for the next schedule, then it is advised to skip the missed dose and go for the next schedule. Overdosing may lead to serious health problems. Also do not share your prescribed medicine with any of your family members or friends. Because doctors will recommend the pills depending on the individual health condition.

How to keep Xanax safe?

This medicine should be maintained in the bottle and should be stored in a cool place. It can be easily abused by anyone, so keep monitoring your medicine to avoid being used by others.

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